Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Strikes to pursue continuous improvement and educates employees to understand and support the company's corporate social responsibility.

Respects Human Rights

  • Ensures all employees share equal rights and interests and are treated equally.
  • Harassment, unlawful discrimination, forceful and inhuman treatment of employees (including potential employees) are prohibited.
  • We respect the dignity of our employees and strictly prohibit abuse, corporal punishment, mental, physical coercion, or verbal assaults.
  • Prohibits the employment of child labor and underage children. Forceful and compulsory labors are not allowed.

Anti-Discrimination Statement

  • According to the International Bill of Human Rights, the Company prohibits the following acts: Discrimination of age, race, social class, nationality, religion, disability, gender, gender orientation, trade union membership or political affiliation are strictly prohibited.
  • The Company shall not interfere with the rights of employee elections involving race, social class, nationality, religion, disability, gender, gender orientation and trade union creeds, norms, or claims.
  • One may file oral or written complaints to the employee representative if they feel offended in discriminative situations. The complaints will be anonymous, and the Company must respond to the complainant within five working days of the status of complaint.

    Complaints Hotline: 06-2637562 #888、#339
    Fax for Complaints: 06-2610524
    Complaints Mailbox: complaint@foresight.com.tw

Quality Working Environment

  • Based on the standards of government regulations, the company is obligated to protect the working environment, conditions, and rights of employees. The working hours, overtime system and minimum wage must be in accordance with the law and regulations.

Health & Safety

  • Provides a safe, hygienic, and healthy working environment. Protective equipment and measures are available to protect the safety and health of all employees.
  • Implements comprehensive training in case of emergency.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Foresight complies with relevant environmental protection policies and laws.
  • Values environmental protection and ecology, reduces wastes and avoids pollution.
  • Advocates environmental protection and participates in social welfare activities.

Ethical Business Principles

  • All business practices uphold the highest principle of dignity, integrity and accountability and strives for constant improvements.
  • Commits to ethical management. Strictly prohibits bribery, collusion, extortion and embezzlement of public funds and any improper business practices.
  • Avoids conflicts of interest.
  • Values corporate governance, abstain from false information.
  • Abide by the principle of fair trade, does not perform exaggerate and untrue advertising and marketing.
  • Foresight and its suppliers shall take social and environmental protection responsibilities.
  • The “Three No” principle for Foresight is no support, no acceptance and no use of metals, i.e., “Conflict Minerals” from the D.R. Congo and its neighboring nations as well as armed conflict areas where metals are mined illegally from unacceptable working environments.

Open Communication Channels

  • Promotes effective communication and encourages employee engagement to ensure all inputs and innovativeness are given an atmosphere to thrive.

Personal Information under Privacy

  • We respect all intellectual property rights, personal data and privacy. All information is accessed to regulatory, corporate and contractual requirements.


CSR Policy

CSR Commitment

Foresight is committed to "seeking the common good" for all stakeholders and employees by maintaining good communication and complying with relevant international government laws and regulations. We aim to achieve the vision of "benefiting others as well as oneself" on a corporate social responsibility level through sustainable management and innovation and improvements.